Business Made Simple University explained and why you need a BMS Certified Coach.

What is Business Made Simple?

Business Made Simple University (BMSU) is an online learning platform with on-demand courses to help business owners and professionals learn the practical skills they need to build their confidence and grow their business.

Born out of Storybrand, a world-class marketing framework, Business Made Simple has grown beyond an online university to become a bestselling book, and now certifying the best business coaches in the world (and yes, we’re one of them!).

The book, the courses and the coaching is all designed for one purpose: to take the mystery out of growing a business.

Proven practices to effective goal setting and achievement

2020surprised us all. It was unpredictable and chaotic at times. It also stretched us in new ways, bringing about change for good. Sure, it exposed some flaws, but it also gave us opportunities to pause, revision and reinvent the future.

There were many learnings (one for a better word) from the year, but what became the most clear was this:

You can achieve your goals in the face of uncertainty.

Despite the unsettling economic, social and political environment, my wife and I resolved to stay focused and encouraged throughout 2020— and we saw amazing results…

Our businesses grew, we launched…

Podcasts to discover for your playlist

Like most Australians, I listen to a lot of podcasts. On the road, at the gym, long walks — they’ve become part of my daily routine. 2020 has seen a further explosion in podcast listeners. Podcast hosting platform iHeartRadio reported a 72% growth in consumption since the start of 2020. Spotify and Apple trend similarly.

Podcasts in many ways help us grow; we become more aware of our world, we get a better understanding of complex problems and we cultivate new ideas from diverse and informed discussion.

So as you take a well-deserved Christmas break, and perhaps catch up on…

A 3-step plan to build trust and authority with customers.

Testimonials matter more than ever. Your website visitors want to know if they can trust you. They’re wondering what previous customers have thought about you, and they’re reading your testimonials to find out.

Are your testimonials helping your business? Or hurting it?

Most testimonials are boring and don’t connect with your customers. They focus on all the ‘bells and whistles’, but miss the crux of transformative storytelling.

“Brian is a great guy! They always answer the phone. We highly recommend Brian and his team!” While those are nice words, they do very little in telling a story of transformation.”


10 Time-saving zaps to grow your business ⚡️

How often have you started the day with a clear mind and set goals, only to get sidetracked by a hundred small tasks and distractions? Most business owners can relate.

Time is a strategic resource. We have to learn to use it well, in order to grow and scale. That means subtracting yourself from repetitive, time-draining tasks.

Fortunately, with modern day tools like Zapier, you can automate in a simple and low-cost way. Small businesses that use automation experience greater productivity and profit, enabling them to invest in their people and products.

What is Zapier?

Zapier is an automation platform that allows you…

7 steps to organise your thoughts, save time and get more done

Whether you’re drafting a book, running a small business or just keeping mental notes on life… Evernote is a great note-taking tool to help to organise and remember everything.

There’s plenty of note taking apps out today, and i’ve tried most of them: OneNote, Notion, Notable and Bear. Each has their pro’s and cons, but Evernote has stood it’s ground with just the right balance of rich features, security, performance and ease of use.

Evernote is packed with features, but like any tool, you have to customise it to make it work for you. …

A step by step plan for small businesses leaders

Many small businesses are working hard to thrive amidst a uniquely challenging season. John C Maxwell said that “everything rises and falls on leadership”, and this is still true today. As leaders, we’re at the forefront of bringing change. It’s our opportunity to rise up, navigate through uncertainty and achieve great results.

These 7 steps are to encourage and guide you through your thinking and planning process. They will help you assess the facts, cast a vision, align your team and move forward with confidence.

Assess your current position

Assessing the facts enables you to devise a plan and move forward. It also helps…

Bring customers back to your website and grow sales.

This is the first in a new series I’m calling Small Business Marketing Essentials — doing the basics well in your online marketing.

What’s the best way to bring your customers (or potential customers) back to your website again?

Telepathy? Cloud writing? Mass advertising? The smart way is to use a retargeting ads funnel. There are many ways to do this, but the most common place to start is with Facebook ads.

What is Facebook Remarketing??

Have you ever visited a website then seen ads from the same brand follow you around on social media and the web? You’ve experienced remarketing.

Facebook remarketing (also…

growth mindset
growth mindset

5 rules to sustaining growth that will keep you moving forward

There’s a story of Truett Cathy, the founder of Chik-fil-A, where he was pressured to expand the organisation. “We need to get bigger”, they kept telling him. I love Truett’s response: “If we get better, our customers will demand that we get bigger”. ⁣

Growth is sustaining. When we get better, it makes us bigger.

Growth today is our only guarantee that tomorrow will be better than today. To become a growth-oriented person, we need to shift our mindset. ⁣

“Failure can be your friend when you learn something new from it”⁣
— John Maxwell

In John C Maxwell’s…

Simple strategies you can implement in your online marketing this year and see growth

You’ve built a great website to showcase your products and now you need to get the word out online… But where do you begin?

When it comes to generating traffic to your website, you can’t (and shouldn’t) rely on search engines alone. Growth requires you stepping out of your comfort zone and trying new things, creating activity and connecting with others.

Today I’m going to show you ten ways to win more traffic to your website, so that you can connect with customers and create more sales. Remember; there’s no overnight success when it comes to building your business online…

Lachlan Nicolson

Business Coach at | Thoughts on marketing, leadership and finance. Based in Brisbane 🇦🇺

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